Templating with Hublify

Let Hublify render all your local and remote dataset data!

twig - render engine

Hublify uses the wonderful twig render engine. It is fast and brings lots of powerful templating features.

Seamless Hublify integration

Through a specialized twig extension for Hublify you can directly access all your data from within your and pre-build templates. Its really easy and done within minutes!

Render easily html pages, sites, email-templates and much more.


Rendering a list of products is real easy!



{# Getting live the products from Hublify #}
{% set myList = hublify.dataset('product').fields(['pcode','name','price']).all %}

{# Create a html-list of products #}
    {% for prod in myList %}
        <li>{{ prod.pcode }} - {{ prod.name }}: {{ prod.price|format_number }}</li>
    {% endfor %}