API Channel - Basics

External channels

All you need to know to make api calls


In Hublify

  • a channel (aka point-of-sale) must be setup and enabled for api access
  • you need to know the corresponding "api-channel-token" of that channel
  • you need to know the API-URL of that Hublify Instance


An API request

Authentication & Authorization

In every api request simply set your channel-token in the HTTP-Header.


API-Channel-Token: <your valid api-channel-token>



Pass all parameter each as a JSON encoded HTTP POST-values.

Use UTF8-charset encoding.


First api call

Lets make a first testing call to the Hublify channel api to see whether we can reach the Hublify server at all and whether our api-channel-token is valid.


Request URL

https://{your hublify url}/api/channel_10/stats

Request parameter

// NONE !


If your request and authentication was successful you will receive:

    "status": true